Maximize Your Basketball Talent And get Recognized For Your Game... even if you don't have "Connections" Or you're From A small place
How great would it be to...
...PLAY basketball as well as you practice? 
train and play like your favorite players
The Signature Manuals by HoopHandbook
Complete Skill Package
Your Favorite NBA Signature Workouts... All in ONE program by position: Point Guards, Wings OR Bigs. 400 pages each, with over 500 individual skill-specific workouts 
Skill programs
physical + digital formats -- Every program comes with immediate access!
Ultimate Athlete 15-Week Athleticism Program For Basketball Players |
 Build Your Body For Basketball
Every area of basketball athleticism, in a 15-week program requiring ZERO equipment. Start in your living room or basement today.
Position of Power 10-Week Strength Training Program For Basketball Players  |
Strength Training For Basketball
Need to get stronger for basketball and have gym access? Get the CORRECT strength training program that gets you ready for basketball -- not a bodybuilding competition. 
Simple To Advanced Ball Handling Program |
The Ball Handling Bible
The most basic skill in the game, made simple -- the we take it to a higher level. Get strong dribbling with both hands. Master finishing. Build the foundation for all the advanced skills in our other programs. 
Vertical Jump & Dunking Program |
Elevate Your Game -- Literally
Ready to take you game above the rim? 
Want to attack the basket Aggressively and with Authority? 
Finish through contact? 
Here it is. 
Crossover Scoring Moves Program |
Shake Any Defender Off
Defenders playing you too tight? We have something for them. Shake them out of their shoes and leave them too embarrassed to they again. Then, you'll finish with a bucket. That's what really counts. 
Scoring Moves Program |
Be The Go-To Guy
The Top Scorer NEVER gets overlooked. The ball is in your hands. 
When the team ends a bucket, the play is called for you -- every time. 
You ready to be that player? 
Shooting & Scoring Moves For Shooters Program |
Be the Hired Sniper
There's more than just being a knock-down shooter. When defenders crowd your space and play physical, you break them off and still hit your shots. 

You don't miss. 
Undersized Player Creating & Scoring Program |
Size Won't Ever Be A Weakness
Having trouble getting your shot off, creating space, or getting around bigger players? Let's destroy that problem now, boost your skill, and never have it again. 
Footwork: Triple Threat, Jumpstop & 2-Step Scoring Program |
Footwork & Efficiency
You won't get to go isolation all the time. You need to score quickly and efficiently with as few bounces as possible. 

All the great scorers can do this. It's time you became one of them. 
Post Play Program |
Go Hard In The Paint
You don't have to be a "Big Man" to play in the post. You just need to be a player who wants to have a compete offensive game -- and all the great scorers can score from anywhere. 
Even the post. 
Beginner / Weekend Warrior Program |
For the New Players: Learn The Basics
You play for fun and just want to get better for your recreational games? The Beginner/Weekend Warrior Program is made for YOU. 
Conditioning, Passing, Defense & Warm-Up Program |
Get In Game Shape
Never show up out of shape. 
Protect your body with the proper warm-up. 
Lock down opponents on D. 
Develop the passing skills to find your open teammates on time with the perfect pass. 
Total Package |
Having a hard time deciding which to get first? Get them ALL -- at a 50% discount -- and start now with immediate digital access. 

Problem solved. 
*** The below programs:
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We are working on them RIGHT NOW!!!
The Signature Manuals by HoopHandbook
The Ultimate Athlete Basketball Off-Court Program
The Ultimate Athlete Basketball Off-Court Program
Position of Basketball Power Strength Program
Position of Basketball Power Strength Program
Simple To Advanced Ball Handling HoopHandbook
Simple To Advanced Ball Handling HoopHandbook
Undersized Player Scoring & Creating HoopHandbook
Undersized Player Scoring & Creating HoopHandbook
Crossover Scoring Moves HoopHandbook
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