Dunking From a Two-Feet Jump | Hoop Handbook



So you’ve got the jumping part down (get the Vertical Jump Hoop Handbook if not), now you want to to work on your ability to actually finish above the rim. Just like shooting, dribbling, and any other move in basketball, your skill will increase with practice -- this Handbook will show you exactly how, supplying you with plenty of resources for your current and future workouts. 

As always, attack the rim aggressively when you are going to dunk, and it becomes a habit. The best way to get your body accustomed to dunking is to be actually doing the movement -- jumping as if you’re dunking when you train. This Hoop Handbook does exactly that. 

All drills are done with the ball. Reps only count when the ball goes in the basket. Any move which you cannot complete with a dunk, touch the rim with both hands instead. If you are a left-handed player, reverse the (left/right) in each drill.