Create and Finish Through Contact, Be A Stronger Basketball Player, Have That Ripped Physique You Want
Who Needs Position of Power?
Would You Benefit From This Program? Let's Find Out...
Does ANY of these describe you?
COMMITTED: You're serious about your game - or want to be, if you Only knew how to be serious. 
You are truly dedicated to basketball. 

Outside of school and family, you spend as much time as you can working on your game. Basketball isn't just a hobby or something  to pass time. You're all-the-way IN

Or, maybe you're not quite there yet - only because you don't know where to begin or what to do

If any of the above is you, you're in the right place. Keep reading. 
FRUSTRATION: Your basketball results are not matching up with your efforts. 
You're NOT one of those players who says he's working hard - but not actually doing it. 
You embrace the work. 
You know it will be tough. You know it's not easy. 
And STILL, you keep showing up. 

Yet for some reason, your work and your success aren't on the same page. 

If someone watched you train and prepare, they would assume you're a starter for your club. In training, you look like an MVP-level, All-Star, National Team player. 
But your practice skill doesn't always translate to in-game skill. 
That's the most frustrating part.
Good News: The SOLUTION exists. 
Introducing Position of Power 
The Full Basketball Strength program to Create And Finish Through Contact, Be A Stronger Player, Get A Ripped Physique
What you're getting:
Everything You Need to Play Basketball With Power, In ONE Program. 
Strengthen your core to absorb - and initiate - contact in a contact sport

Never get pushed around on the court again. 

Have plenty of gas in your tank in the 4th quarter of your games.
Demonstrations And Examples
Form and posture are very important. Doing the right movement the wrong way is not only a waste of valuable time - it can lead to injury down the road. 

You'll have video explaining and demonstrating every movement in Position of Power so you can be sure you're doing everything correctly
Track Your Work: Daily, Weekly And Monthly Charts
You need to know what you've been doing to see what is working and why it's working. 

So we included workout trackers - in the program itself and a digital version - for you to chart your work and progress

When the results show up, you'll know exactly why
Have some questions? Here are the answers. 
How can I be sure Position of Power will help my performance?
1. You're learning from not one, but TWO PROs who have been where you currently are and work with athletes just like you.
2. We have THOUSANDS of testimonials from the MILLIONS of happy players we've helped #FACTS 
3. With our money-back guarantee, you cannot possibly lose. 
Is Position of Power a Physical Book, DVD, or Digital (online) program?
Position of Power is a Physical Book that will ship in the mail to your home. You will also have online access to demonstrations of any drills in the program (the links are in the program). These are not DVDs.
How long will it take to get Position of Power after ordering?
USA orders: Allow 10-15 business days 
International: Varies by country; 15-45 days depending on location
Will Doing Position of Power stunt my growth?
No. This myth has been floating around for years somehow and just won't die. There is no evidence or proof - scientific or otherwise - that training for athletes stunts growth, regardless of age. 

The risk of injury, on the other hand, increases when an athlete is training without proper knowledge or direction. That's why we made Position of Power, so you're not blindly training with no rhyme or reason. 
Can I do Position of Power along with ____________ [some other program?]
If the program is On-Court work: YES
If the program is Off-Court work: NO. This includes vertical jump, strength training, or anything else that is not basketball skill work. 

Position of Power will be the ONLY off-court training you are doing while you are doing it. Do not combine Position of Power with any other program; do not add additional exercises to the program. Do it exactly as instructed. 
How is this Position of Power different from the old digital version?
I told Maria to completely re-write Position of Power with 

1) All Maria's new knowledge gained over the past 5+ years 
2) New knowledge of our bodies and how they work 
3) Questions we've gotten from players regarding their bodies over the years 
4) All the insights we both gleaned from woking together nearly daily for years! 
Who's Used Our Programs? 
We have THOUSANDS of testimonials from MILLIONS of players. Here are a few:
Recap: Exactly What You're Getting
What To Expect When You Order Position of Power to Build Your Body
  • The full Position of Power program: The Off-court, No-Equipment Training Program I've followed with Maria's supervision since 2010
  • 200+ Page Position of Power Program, shipped to your doorstep  
  • Training Organized For In-Season & Off-Season, with options for training intensity and length 
  • A Workout Tracker to note your days, exercises, and assess your performance by the day
  • The features of Position of Power are GREAT. But let's talk about What You're REALLY After --
The Power to Push Opponents Around, Instead of Getting Pushed Around. 
Respect from both Teammates and Opponents. 

The Mental Edge coming from Knowing You Have No Weaknesses. 

THAT'S what you get with Position of Power. 
The Work On Your Game Guarantee
I guarantee results. And I put my money behind it. 
If Position of Power Doesn't Elevate You, Physically And Mentally, To Never-Before-Seen Levels, I Insist That You Get 100% Of Your Money Back. 
Let me tell you why. 

I built Position of Power because I know what it feels like to wan to get better but not have the resources. I put in YEARS of work, spending entire summers just HOPING to see improvements in my game. I tested my game on the outdoor courts of playgrounds that weak-hearted players couldn't come to. I dint enter a weight room until I was 19 years old - and i still didn't know what I was doing. 

When I met Maria and we started working together, my athletic ability - quickness, agility, flexibility, stronger joints - jumped significantly. 

The Position of Power isn't just about having bigger muscles jumping higher (though that will happen). 

It's about giving you a new level of confidence on the court. When you know you can deal with any player out there - no matter how tall, strong, quick or good they are - because you know what YOU are capable of, you see the game differently. And everyone else sees you differently, too. 

Do just 30 days of Position of Power.  Do it for a week. Do it for ONE day. 
FEEL the results. You will know on Day One that you made a wise decision. 

The dedication and hours you've already put into basketball weren't all for nothing. We are sharing our professional experience and techniques with you to turn your body into what it needs to be for the next level. 

The changes you undergo will elevate not just your on-court game, but your self-esteem as a person, even off the court. 

How great would it feel to blow by and overpower the same guys who used to do it to you?

And when you're physically ripped and people ask you, "What's your work? Who's your trainer?" and you see people looking twice at your physique, we consider that an added bonus. 
So here's my simple offer: If you don't LOVE the results you see in your game from Position of Power, I insist you return it and get 100% of your money back. 

Get started and see for yourself. 
Dre Baldwin
"I'm Ready To Create And Finish Through Contact, Be A Stronger Player, And Have A Ripped Physique!!!"
ONLY $69
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