"yo, I bought your dribbling handbook a while ago and i will admit i've gotten so much better. i was in the gym multiple times for hours workin on it, went from unconfident and sloppy with my dribbling to hard dribbles crossovers and keeping the ball safe and keepin my head up. mad thankful, gonna work even more on my fuckin' game.


"you've inspired me even more to go out for my schools basketball team" - via Youtube

"Btw I bought ur defense, conditioning, crossover, and crossover scoring handbooks and in 2 days my crossover has trememndously increased and when I finish a weeks worth of them I'm gonna get ur ultimate athlete one too. Working hard lately I'm gonna exceed my basketball goals for ur inspiration on me thanks dre"  via YouTube

"... thanks for putting the hoop handboooks out I started the crossover one and my crossover is tremendous after two days" via YouTube 


Dre your a boss dude i got your shooting handbook im only 12 and my shot used to be ugly now its beast i be swishing everyday with my friends who used to be better than me thanks alot bro gunna get another handbook from u"

"Dre, you dont understand how much your videos helped me. I'm a 5'11'' PG, and thanks to your handbooks i managed to make the starting line up for my team, so thanks man, helped me out a lot." via YouTube


"Dre! You have no idea how much yuv helped me, I've made my basketball team, People now think im the best at my school, I've beaten my brothers, 19 and 27. I practice everyday for 4-5 hours. If it's too hot or too cold, and if it's windy i just work on my inside game.Everyday i get so much better, by watching film and studying the game, but also going out there and playing. What i learned from you wasn't moves or tricks, it was dedication, thanks again man. I'll be seeing you in the NBA :)"

"Just started doing this everyday for the past 23 days and ive seen a huge improvement. Thanks Dre your vids are really helping me get ready for high school ball." - via YouTube

"Everything is written in a step by step and day by day way for you to do it and he puts links on how to do the moves the hoophandbooks are good workouts for any player and play level and for a great price." - via YouTube

"Thanks for making these handbooks. I bought all the ones you have so far and I really like the content. I hope you make more!" via YouTube

"Soon i will buy all of your handbooks .. i really want it ! thank you that you are helping me and others with some moves,tips, and all the things that you do every single day ..... thank you" via YouTube

"Dre I got the Shooting Handbook... I must be hitting 30% more of my shots... thanks!" via YouTube 

"hey dre, i just bought 2 of your hoops hand books: Ball Handling and Weak Hand. Also grabbed the $1 Defensive book. Vids are very organized, can't wait to start! I might post video responses of my workouts." 

"Dre, Yesterday i Finished the crossover handbook, great handbook. Made my crossover so much better. Today I just finished the last day of the vertical jump handbook, and it nearly killed me. But once again a very good handbook. Tomorrow is my last day of the shooting handbook. I am very appreciative of your work. Thanks alot man." via YouTube 

"Yo Dre, I just completed the 'Ball Handling' Hoopbook. I was a pretty good handler but i always looked at the ball. Now I keep my eyes up and have no need to look at the ball to execute a move. Thanks heaps Dre." via YouTube

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"I did your Hoop Handbook Vertical workout program and it helped me so much. I went from grabbing the rim with one hand to hanging on it with two. Now I can dunk off of one step. Plus, it helped condition me for tryouts and I made the team. I can't thank you enough man." -  via YouTube
"I just bought all 4 handbooks and i have to say I got an amazing workout in an hour doing 2 of the workouts today (ball handling,vertical jump). I expect my game to start sky rocketing thanks Dre!"  via Youtube 

"watched the video, went outside, tried the move, worked like a charm. Thanks Dre!" -- via YouTube"I just bought the 7-Day Handbook (All 4) about 1-2 hours ago, been reading all the way though it and it looks great, I guess I will start the drills on Monday.
There is a lot of depth in it and I think it will do me well, thanks mate!"
 - via DreAllDay.com

"hey dre! i made my basketball team! I got through because of my speed, handles and passing! thx for the vids!!" - via YouTube"man dre i just wanna tell you thanks for all these moves my coach want me to score from baseline but i only gotta couple moves doe.. this really expanded my knowlege thanks man hope you make the league happy holidays ill be prayin for yah" -- via YouTube

"Dre, I honestly have to say you’r one of my sport’s inpirational person. Please keep posting this kind of things. I really apreciate what you do, because really helps me up. Thanks, Greeting from Argentina" - Enrico Miceli

"ur the best bro….i was the worst player in my team and i watched your videos everyday now im the best player…..and my jumpshot is very good…thats all because of you thanks man" -- via YouTube

“I just had email you to let you know that your skills are amazing.  thank you for all the clips you’ve posted… i find your drills very helpful.  keep up the good work… you are an inspiration.” -- Jay Park

“Yo dude, you are the man! You motivate me to work so much harder in basketball. I look forward to see you playing NBA. You now have a new fan!”- ¥Edddie¥

"Working with your Handbook, ur sick !
thanks man. and Merry Christmas :)" - Eliran

“I gotta thank you for the inspiration and work on my weak ass game.” -- LeWiE g-hood fellas ent

“Yo Dre, I found your contact info when I was on youtube looking for some dribbling drills to work on with my AAU kids.  I saw yours and I thought it was very informative.  I used it to show my kids at practice the other night via my iphone.  The kids love the part 1… I like what your doing and I like the way that you are doing it.  If you are ever in the Fairfax, Leesburg VA or Charles Town WV area I would love to hook up with you to do a demonstration for my kids.” -- Fred Mack; Triple5Baksetball

“Your videos of dribbling drills are very good.  I’m going to be practicing them in preparation for IM basketball.  Keep it up.” -- Steve Fang

"Thanks so much for this. You are leaving a LEGACY to the WHOLE WORLD." -- bhouri via YouTube

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"I play Basketball… but u are just awesome" -- Airtop665 via YouTube 
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"hey dre ur vids are a great help my whole church team practices your drills ive been working on my game for the past 5 months watchin ur videos and now im dunking im 6-2 and got great ball control and aggressiveness driving to the rim. The main that helped me was not your tutorial videos although i always used them as reference to good moves but the fact that there was someone out there working as hard as u inspired me everyday. God Bless" - XTheSpartanX7 via YouTube
"thanks dre for everything. thanks to ur tips and videos i made the team!" - bbaalllgirlbeast04 via YouTube