Simple to Advanced Basketball Handling | Hoop Handbook


Simple to Advanced Ball Handling is part of the Ball Handling Bundle.

Handling the ball (next to making a layup) is the most basic of basketball skills. Dribbling the ball from Point A to Point B is a skill necessary to any player, regardless of size or position. If you can't dribble the ball effectively to get from location to location, you are a liability to your team. Lacking any basic, fundamental skill (such as dribbling) makes you, by definition, a below-average player.

So let's build your handle. Following this program and the drills within are guaranteed to make you a significantly better dribbler within a week. I may use terminology you're unfamiliar with or describe certain dribbles with terms you haven't heard, and I will describe each dribble for at least the first time I use it. I will also include example links for you to see the moves I describe.