My name is Dre Baldwin. I am the inventor of the online athletic training video genre (for ANY sport). 
Back in 2005, I attended an exposure camp (think “job fair,” only for athletes) with an aim of starting a professional basketball career. 

I played well at the exposure camp (at exposure camps, instead of handing out resumes, we bring our gear and play our sport in front of coaches, agents, team owners and other decision makers with power) and wanted to create some follow-up exposure for myself... 
... At that time, the best idea I had was to reach out to pro basketball agents, and mail them a physical copy of my game film (yes, long time ago). That game film was on a VHS tape (Google it if you don't know) and I knew the original copy wouldn't last the rest of my life. I needed to get all that film in a safer format that would last longer. 
So I put that video on a new website I'd been hearing about called "YouTube."

The rest is history. 
Though I'd posted the video only for my own use and viewing - I was a nobody player from a small NCAA D3 school who wasn't even a pro yet - people somehow found it. And they had questions. 
- Who do you play for? 
- How often do you practice? 
- Who taught you how to play? 
- How do you work on your ball handling? 
- Do you have drills for vertical jump? 
- Can you post more of your training? It's really helping me!! 
I am the first athlete in ANY sport, male or female, to share training video online for free. Anyone you see doing it now, is following me or following someone who followed me. 

What This Means For You: I'm not following anyone; everything you see here is an original creation coming from a basketball trailblazer. There is nothing better than HoopHandbook. 

YouTube is probably how you - or your child or players or friends - heard of me, and how you got to this page. 

But that's not the whole story. Allow me to go backwards a bit…

I started playing basketball at age 14 - pretty late by standards of a player who want to play pro or even college ball. I sucked at first. Three years later, I still sucked, and hadn't made it past the first day of tryouts for my high school varsity team. 

I did finally make it as a senior. But all I really did was go from sitting in the stands to sitting on the bench. I averaged 2 points per game as a high school senior. 
I walked on to my first college team, and got recruited the summer after freshman year to the NCAA Division 3 school I graduated from (Penn State Altoona, 2004 - Business Management/Marketing). My college career wasn't spectacular either; I didn't even play my senior year due to conflict with a new coach. You can read all the details of my backstory in my first book Buy A Game. 

But I want to get to explaining why this website exists. 
Signing Day In Montenegro, 2007
I went to the aforementioned exposure camp a year removed from college, and played well as I said. In the fall of 2005 I began a professional basketball career that lasted 9 years. I traveled to and through Lithuania, Slovakia, Montenegro, the United Kingdom, Germany, Croatia, Mexico, and much of the USA, amongst other locales. 

All the while, I kept posting videos to YouTube. Every. Single. Day. 

My videos on YouTube now number over 5,500 and have been viewed over 40 million times. NBA players have reached out to me personally regarding my videos, and they also buy my programs. NBA All-Stars have told me they've watched me since high school. I won't mention their names because I don't have to. My name alone is enough. 

In the comments to my YouTube videos, developing basketball players would often ask me to create personalized programs for them to work on their games. I always declined. 
But one day in 2010 someone had a great idea: Dre, how about you just write down what YOU do yourself, and share it with us? 

Great idea. 

I replied that I could - but that would take time and effort, also know as work - and I charge money for work. Would you all be willing to pay for these programs? 

The Overwhelming response was, YES!!! 

Thus, was born. We started off selling $5 PDF programs. Up through late 2016, we kept it that way, while steadily introducing more and more programs at different levels of depth and price. has processed over 15,000 orders over the last 9 years. 

I learned, though, that people both value and utilize books they can actually touch and hold in their hands more than they do digital products. Thus, HoopHandbook now makes hard-copy books. Anything you order from us now will be physically shipped to your address, worldwide. 

The quality of the programs and your results will be even better, as our programs are consistently updated and also strategically combined together when necessary. 
Yes - You will still be able to see video demonstrations of the drills. 

Questions about programs, shipping or anything else are all addressed in the FAQ page
As for me today, I no longer play pro basketball. 

I am a full-time entrepreneur, and anything I create is worth 100x its price (including every product on this site). 
I haven't worked a “regular” job since 2007. Everything you see and hear me doing, is part of my business. And my business is not a game or a joke.
As for me today, I no longer play pro basketball. 

I am a full-time entrepreneur, and anything I create is worth 100x its price (including every product on this site). 
I haven't worked a “regular” job since 2007. Everything you see and hear me doing, is part of my business. And my business is not a game or a joke.

HoopHandbook is under the umbrella of Work On Your Game Inc., my business. Aside from basketball, in the business world, I'm an expert in Mental Toughness, Confidence, Discipline and Personal Initiative (which, of course all apply to sports directly). I'm a professional speaker who has done 4 TED Talks and authored 22 books (more of each on the way). I am an Independant consultant for the above topics, as well as sales, content creation and personal branding. 

My Work On Your Game Podcast is daily and available on all the platforms (iTunes, SoundCloud, Google Play, Stitcher) you know. I'm on all the social media also. 

The last thing you should know: I guarantee my work. 

Every program on this website will deliver results to a player who can follow directions and is willing to work. Programs do not “work.” PEOPLE work. The program is a set of expert instructions which can be followed - or not. Never forget this. 

That just about sums it up. Again, see the FAQ to have all your HoopHandbook questions answered clearly. 

Thanks for visiting! Now, make your time worth it by ordering your next program. 
Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin
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