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About Hoop Handbook

Basketball Fundamentals and Basketball Training Drills - Work On Your Game #WOYG

I am Dre 'DreAllDay' Baldwin. I could succinctly describe myself as a basketball player, but a voice in my mind tells me I'd be selling myself quite short with that description. You can go to DreAllDay.com to learn more about me -- for the sake of what you're here for, we'll stick to Dre the basketball player. 




I never had anyone to teach me how to play basketball when I started playing at the age of 14. I just took my ball the the courts of Finley Playground in Philadelphia, PA and tried everything I could think of, copy, or imagine until some things worked. After years of practice, many failures and a few successes that made all the failures more than worth it, I began to hit on formulas of practicing and working out on my own, with just that one ball and any basketball court, that led to results. A college and professional career followed, with the rest of the story is still being written.

I have always wanted to leave a mark on the sport that lasted much longer than my ability to cross over a defender or do a tomahawk dunk. My ability to play the game of basketball has taken me to places I would have not otherwise seen, introduced me to people I would not have met, and allowed me to do things I would not have been able to do. Most importantly, I have been able to touch, inspire and motivate people -- many of whom I may never meet, if only for the fact that there are so many of you -- with nothing more than my own passion, a camera and an Internet connection. 

I started posting basketball videos of myself on YouTube in 2007, only to watch myself play, and see if it looked the way as I saw it in my mind. I never considered that anyone else, let alone someone who didn't know me personally, would be interested.  Well, a few people like what I was doing, so I kept posting stuff. The ideas for the videos I post just poured out of me, to this very moment, to the point that I know it was my destiny to be heavily involved in the Online Video Revolution that is taking place right now in our world. By the time you read this I am well past 2,000 videos on YouTube (I post new videos every day), with over 12 million video views and 20,000+ eager subscribers. During the last 5 years, I had rebutted numerous attempts by fans and viewers to create workout programs for players -- I never had a workout program, so why do you need one??? -- I have taken the stairs to the highest levels of basketball, and now I'm building an elevator to send back down. 

In 2011, I decided that the knowledge, expertise and skill I had developed over the years was worthless if I did not create a way to pass it on to future generations of basketball players, in a training format that was easy to follow and duplicate for players of any size, age, skill level and circumstance. From this idea, the Hoop Handbook was born. 



The Hoop Handbooks can be described very simply: I take the basketball workouts that I have been doing myself over the last 15 years, and create a program for you to follow. 

I explain every drill and move in words, show you a video example of me doing it myself, and lay out a plan for you to follow -- how many times, what days, what to do next, when to start, and when to stop. 

We all know that there is no stopping point for developing your basketball skills -- once you become good, you have to train to stay good -- The Hoop Handbook is designed to teach you my training techniques, introduce you to new moves done properly, and build a foundation that you can build on yourself as you advance in the game. 

Standard Hoop Handbooks are designed as 7-day programs. You follow the program step-by-step and day-by-day to the letter. If you can read and watch video, these Handbooks are guaranteed to improve your skill level in 7 days. All Hoop Handbooks will follow this format unless otherwise noted. 

Mini-Hoop Handbooks are programs designed around areas of the game that I consider the more "niche" area of the game; thusly these Handbooks will introduce players to a bevy of drills and a set of sample workouts to choose from, which can be mixed and matched once the player become familiar with the drills. Mini-Hoop Handbooks will be clearly described as such. 

The Hoop Handbook is a digital product. When your purchase is complete your Handbooks will be available for immediate download. 

Questions? Comments? Contact us at Info@HoopHandbook.com